Greetings and welcome to Chris Taylor Marketing. CTM specializes in social media marketing. We create individually tailored marketing plans and content strategies for our clients. Our plans are designed to stimulate company growth and brand recognition over all areas of social media. The tools that we use are blogs, micro blogs, vlogs and pictorial content.

Chris Taylor Marketing been in operation since May of 2015 and due to popular demand we were able to expand our online presence and create a site to support our growing business. As entrepreneurs, the staff at CTM have a unique understanding of what it takes to run a business from the position of sole proprietor all the way through the structure of corporate entities and the accountability that all business models require.

Our Company offers full-time social media coverage seven days a week. We understand a company’s need to be vigilant. We are designed to meet those needs.

How It Works

CTM takes an individual look at each company that we work with. We interview a new client to get a feel for their company goals. We want to implement the ideas that a business owner has for their path of growth. Listening is the the most critical component of any relationship. After this interview we craft a program which supports those plans.

Finally, we submit a formal proposal for our clients to approve and adjust. In this meeting we present three major facets of our client’s business to their targeted consumer. These areas are:

A Personal Connection:

One basic tenant of social media is a consumer possessing the ability to interact with a brand on a personal level. This interaction creates a bond between both buyer and seller that is intended to create trust in a purchase. Consumers are inclined to make purchases where there is company communication and personal accountability. We create this through a variety of of content and just one major reason why each plan is custom crafted for each client.

A Credible Source of Information:

Our clients are always the best in class of their respective fields. We rely on their knowledge to create engaging messaging that educates their consumer. A credible source of information is usually the point of purchase when a potential customer converts.

Purchase Availability:

All messages include a soft sale. Which reminds a consumer that the information, service or product is readily available at our client’s establishment.