The Midwest Connect

The Midwest Connect is a passion project spearheaded by Milwaukee Community activist Tory Lowe. This music collective is dedicated to creating socially conscious music content meant to bring about change through art. All of the content for the Midwest Connect is created by Chris Taylor Marketing. We specialize in not only video and pictorial story telling but we are also very strong in the area of audio production and auditory emotion.

Writing Sample
The water supply in Milwaukee had long been known by city leadership to contain lead. While most of us have heard something about it, there are still far too many people drinking unfiltered water. Our goal with the “Don’t Drink The Water Campaign” is to reduce the number of people drinking unfiltered water. We want to educate the residents of the City of Milwaukee on the dangers that tap water can hold for them.

For those that will listen to lecture style messages we have a series of videos with facts and citations. For those that aren’t interested in a lesson based message, we have a song and a music video that will deliver the message in a format familiar to youth in both style and cadence.

This is not a political attach, it is a matter of social service and community well being. We want to reduce the amount of people injured by tap water and more importantly reduce the levels of lead in our children.

We can accomplish this if we work together.


Video Sample